NEET Exam-Zoology Syllabus

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) syllabus for Zoology typically covers the following topics:

  1. Diversity in Living World:
    • Taxonomy and Systematics
    • Classification of organisms
    • Five Kingdom Classification
    • Plantae and Animalia Kingdoms
  2. Structural Organization in Animals and Plants:
    • Morphology and Anatomy of different systems in animals
    • Morphology and Anatomy of different plant organs
  3. Cell Structure and Function:
    • Cell Theory
    • Structure and Functions of Cell Organelles
    • Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis)
  4. Human Physiology:
    • Digestion and Absorption
    • Breathing and Respiration
    • Body Fluids and Circulation
    • Excretory Products and Elimination
    • Locomotion and Movement
    • Neural Control and Coordination
    • Chemical Coordination and Integration
  5. Plant Physiology:
    • Transport in Plants
    • Mineral Nutrition
    • Photosynthesis
    • Respiration in Plants
    • Plant Growth and Development
  6. Reproduction:
    • Reproduction in Organisms
    • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
    • Human Reproduction
    • Reproductive Health
  7. Genetics and Evolution:
    • Principles of Inheritance and Variation
    • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    • Evolution
    • Human Health and Diseases
  8. Ecology and Environment:
    • Organisms and Environment
    • Ecosystems
    • Biodiversity and its Conservation
    • Environmental Issues

This is a broad outline of the Zoology syllabus for NEET Exam . It’s important to refer to the official NEET syllabus provided by the conducting authority for the most accurate and detailed information.

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