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NEET Exam-Chemistry Syllabus

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a highly competitive exam, which is conducted for admission to medical colleges across India. In order to crack this exam, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the NEET chemistry syllabus. NEET chemistry is often considered as one of the most scoring sections of the exam. Hence, it becomes all the more important to prepare well for this section. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to the NEET chemistry syllabus, which will help you in your preparation for the exam.

1. Physical Chemistry:

Physical chemistry comprises of various topics that you need to cover while preparing for NEET chemistry. These include:

– Basic concepts of chemistry

– States of matter

– Atomic structure

– Chemical bonding and molecular structure

– Chemical thermodynamics

– Chemical equilibrium

– Ionic equilibrium

– Redox reactions and electrochemistry

– Chemical kinetics

– Surface chemistry

2. Inorganic Chemistry:

Inorganic chemistry is one of the most important sections of NEET chemistry syllabus. The important topics you need to cover for this section include:

– Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

– Hydrogen

– s-Block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals)

– p-Block elements

– d- and f-Block elements

– Coordination compounds

– Environmental chemistry

3. Organic Chemistry:

Organic chemistry involves the study of carbon compounds and is one of the most interesting sections of the NEET chemistry syllabus. The important topics to cover for this section include:

– Basic principles of organic chemistry

– Hydrocarbons

– Organic compounds containing halogens

– Organic compounds containing oxygen

– Organic compounds containing nitrogen

– Polymers

– Biomolecules

– Chemistry in everyday life

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